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circumnavigating the ancient borders of Bohemia



SEPTEMBER 2-9-2023


The Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage ultra-endurance on & off-road cycling competition. It will start and finish in Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland National Park. The route will follow the ancient borderlands of Bohemia via the remnants of centuries-old road networks that still exist to this day. The riders will compete on their approximately 1300km long journey circumnavigating Bohemia, crossing back and forth along national borders, and riding through Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. With over 24,000m of climbing, it will be a test of each rider's abilities and a true adventure - a race able to rival ultra-endurance events on faraway continents, yet here, in the middle of Europe.

The Race's start and finish will occur at the same place we use for the Border Bash Bohemia Gravel Camp. You can expect a warm welcome in the camp full of understanding cyclists. 


All racers will be required to carry a satellite tracker to log their race track and aid in locating any competitor in need of emergency assistance. It will be a self-supported race. Racers will not be able to ask for or accept any help along the way. But even though much of the course will wind through less developed areas, the nature of locating The Race in the heart of Europe means there will be numerous points for public resupply close to and along the route.

There will be several checkpoints where every racer must sign in along the route. Some will also serve as refueling points, places to rest, and official time cutoffs for those riders not meeting a preset but forgiving overall time limit. 


The start is at sunrise Saturday, 2.9.2023, 6:18. Cut off time is Saturday, 9.9. at sunset, 19:30.

You must read the RACE MANUAL (link) before registering as a Pair or as a Solo rider. 

BBBR was listed among the nine hardest gravel races in the world by Tour magazine. link - "Die 9 härtesten Gravel-Events der Welt"

What is included in the starter fee? 

  • Dinner, the night before the start. 

  • Breakfast, the morning before the start. 

  • Accommodation in cabins the night before the start.

  • Storage of your belongings. (You can leave your stuff in a secure room in the camp.)

  • The finisher party Saturday evening includes dinner, a live band, and a signature medieval party.

  • Breakfast Sunday morning, after the finisher party. 

  • Bohemian Border Bash Race Passport 

  • Diploma for each finisher 

  • A sword for the winner 

  • Prizes TBA 

Registration fee: €300 Single | 600 Team 

Tracker rental fee: €40 Single | €80 Team 

Scroll down for information on how to get to the start and route information. 












Bohemian Border Bash RACE 2023
Bohemian Border Bash RACE 2023
Sep 02, 5:00 AM – Sep 09, 9:00 PM
Bohemian Border Bash ,

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Max Gaumnitz

The winner of the BBBR2022

Germany 🇩🇪

Time: 108hrs 38mins


Linda Farczadi 

The winner of BBBR2022

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Time: 175hrs 17mins


Holly Seear

Steve Davidson

The winning team of the BBBR22

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Time: 164hrs 27mins

Bohemian Border Bash RACE
"circumnavigating the ancient borders of Bohemia"

Location:  Bohemian - Saxony Switzerland National Park;  50.8547019N, 14.3579331E (Germany 🇩🇪 / Czech Republic 🇨🇿 )

Airports:  Berlin, Dresden, Prague 

Arriving by train:

Trains from Dresden (Germany) or Decin (Czechia) stop at Schöna station. Take the ferry (50m from the station, €2.50) across the river Elbe/Labe. You will find yourself in Hrensko. Follow the road into the woods. It is only 11.6km long ride.


International trains from Berlin or Prague stop in Bad Schandau. You can cycle from the train station to the event. It is 22km long ride. There is a ferry service from Bad Schandau to Hrensko as well. More information here:

From Bonn

By car - 6:00h

By train - 7:40h

From Munich

By car - 4:30h

By train - 6:30h

From Prague

By car - 1:43h

By train - 1:47h

From Dresden

By car - 0:50h

By train - 0:44h

From Berlin

By car - 2:45h

By train - 2:20h

Thank you Jesper Jonsson @jeppemedkniven for the roundel illustration.
Picture gallery bellow from Dan Zoubek @dan_zoubek